Let us take care of your hardworking hands and feet. Le Spa manicures and pedicures offer a luxurious experience where you can simply let yourself go—and not long after, walk out with lustrous, chic nails in your favourite colour.



Your manicure includes a moisturizing hand soak, filing and shaping of the nails, pushing of the cuticles, polishing, and a hand massage. 


Spa manicure

Indulge in all the benefits of a regular manicure, plus an exfoliation and relaxing paraffin treatment.



Your pedicure includes a moisturizing foot soak, exfoliation, cutting, filing, buffing and polishing of the nails; and a foot massage. 


Spa pedicure

Enjoy all the benefits of a regular pedicure, plus a relaxing paraffin treatment.


Shellac manicure and/or pedicure

Get all the luxury of a spa manicure and/or spa pedicure using Shellac, a revolutionary nail product that goes on like polish, requires zero dry time, wears like gel, and removes in minutes. Scratch-resistant Shellac delivers an outstanding shine and lasts for up to one month and includes a base coat, colour coat and top coat. 

Bio Sculpture manicure and/or pedicure

Enjoy a spa manicure and/or spa pedicure using Bio Sculpture: a polish-like product that offers a natural look and is designed to protect the natural nail. Bio Sculpture makes the nail slightly harder than Shellac can, delivers a high quality shine and finish, dries instantly, and can last up to one month.



Le Spa offers quick and professional polish removal services, eliminating all traces of old enamel or varnish.


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