Le Spa offers a wide variety of professional facial care services to rejuvenate your skin while offering a soothing, calming experience. 



Deep cleansing facial

This customized skin care treatment targets the removal of blackheads and preventing breakouts using deep cleansing techniques including steam, exfoliation, skin toning, masking, and moisturizing.

Spa facial treatment

Enjoy all the benefits of a deep cleansing facial, as well as a neck and shoulder massage.


Hot stone facial treatment

Includes all the techniques associated with a deep cleansing facial mask, based on your specific skin needs. Water-heated smooth, flat stones are used to gently massage key points on the face, carrying nutrients deeper into the skin. Hot stone benefits include the easing of muscle stiffness, and an increase in circulation and metabolism. This treatment also includes a neck and shoulder massage.


Eye treatment

Fight aging, remove inflammation, and eliminate dark circles around the eyes. This treatment includes a soothing mask, a massage around the eyes, and an ultrasound treatment.  


Acne facial

Similar to a deep cleansing facial, this facial uses products and treatments targeted to fight acne and purify the skin. 


Facial add-ons

For an extra fee, Le Spa offers add-ons such as LED treatments and microdermabrasion to the above facial care options. 


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