Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows.

Eyebrow microblading creates a 3D Embroidery Brow that is semi permanent and lasts 1-3 years. The technique consists of using a hand method tool and multiple micro needles that create the 3D look of fuller brows. 

HDi Embroidery Brow also known as microblading, is an ideal method for anyone who wants to achieve defined, shaped and fuller looking brows. People suffering from alopecia, trigonometrical or any other condition that causes hair loss benefit greatly from microblading, as well as people who simply aren't happy with their eyebrows. The results are natural, hair-like strokes, regardless of the amount of hair present. The pigments used in this method have been formulated to match your natural brow hair colour, and if the hairs are still present, our technique perfectly blends your natural hairs with the pigmented strokes.

Our services include a wide selection of tools, blade sizes, pigment colours which are derived from natural sources, making them completely safe. Our pigment formula has been developed exclusively with the highest quality ingredients, along with Drug & Cosmetic FDA approval. 

Micoblading is the latest brow enhancement that is taking over the industry - with microblading the options are endless. For clients with thinning eye brows to previously tattooed eyebrows, our innovative and leading edge technique can solve any issues your clients have with their brows.


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